To be an instrument and a channel that God uses to demonstrate His love to mankind; and agents that unify the body of Christ for His Kingdom advancement.

A Call to Worship Ministry is a city wide inter-denominational worship ministry based in Calgary,  Alberta. Our mission is simply uniting the body of Christ in our city, regardless of our denominations, tribes, and tongue; to declare victory in worship and to share the message of God’s love.  Our mission is birthed out of Rev. 5: 8-14, in one voice, as the bride of Jesus, united and declaring His victory, greatness, worth, glory and love, just like it was revealed to John in Rev. 5:8-14.We believe declaring and sharing the message of Christ’s love is the only hope for our lost and dark world. In Matthew 22:37, Isaiah 43:7, I Chronicles 16:29-30.We are passionate about worship because of God’s rich and deep love towards us. John 3:16, I John 4:19.


Our Mission is simply ''WORSHIP''. To share and declare the message of God's love through worship and service. We stand together, regardless of denominations, tribes, and tongue. Together as the bride of Jesus, bringing an offering of worship to our Savior and King Jesus.

Early in 2014, Samuel Acquah, a worship leader, could no longer hold back the revelation and burden of seeing the church of Christ united. Setting aside the boundaries that separate us and uniting various denominations, nations, and cultures to declare victory in worship. Samuel prayed, approached diverse worship leaders, and churches in partnering with him to fulfill the mission with one sole purpose -To declare victory in Worship.October 2014 marked the first inter-denominational worship night with various churches in Calgary, Alberta. Many lives were touched, souls were saved to the glory of God, and the transformative power of the Holy spirit stirred up a hunger and thirst for the presence of God in our cities. As a result, this event continues to thrive annually.